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Nozzle Heater Repairs
PCT offers releading and repair of all types of nozzle heaters. This unique service allows molders to quickly repair rather than replace damaged heaters at a fraction of the cost of new.

The majority of repairs involve the heater leads or terminations that have been damaged either through plastic leakage or mechanical damage. We restore your nozzle heaters to good as new. Any brand. All at considerable savings over OEM pricing.

Hot Runner Component Repair
One of the largest costs associated with maintaining hot runners is replacement of components such as nozzle assemblies, valve bushings, and spacers. In addition to the cost, production lead times can be excessive, especially for older systems.

PCT now offers a component repair service that significantly reduces cost while enabling you to bring your hot runner back to original tolerances. FASTER. Shown below are common repairs we offer.

Nozzle Seal-Off Repair
A common problem with older systems is wear at the nozzle seal-off diameter, which allows plastic leakage down the nozzle and around the heaters. The PCT solution involves micro welding and grinding the seal-off diameter to original factory tolerance. The cost is a fraction of a new housing.

Valve Bushing Repairs
Typically, the valve pins wear preferentially to the bushing on valve gate systems. But on older systems, the bushings can need replacement.

PCT offers an alternative to very expensive bushing replacement. We precision hone the valve pin passage and then manufacture slightly larger valve pins. This typically reduces repair costs by 50-67%.

Integrally Heated Nozzles
Repairing damaged nozzles offers significant savings over replacement. Molders can experience two types of problems. First is damage to the heater termination. PCT has developed a technique to repair even the most damaged termination.

The second is damage to the tip. This typically occurs when trying to remove or replace the tip assembly. We can quickly remove the tip ā€“ even carbide ā€“ with no damage to the thread or seal off areas.

PCT is also a major supplier of new nozzle assemblies, valve pins, heaters, T/Cā€™s, transfer seals, and tips.

Nozzle Heater Repairs
PCT can refurbish and repair broken nozzle heaters to like-new condition at a significant savings compared to purchasing new nozzle heaters.

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